February 2022

Walker Storage

in Beaverton, OR

Starts Feb. 8th

Additional Self Storage

6 locations in Vancouver. WA

Starts Feb. 9th

.....Online Auction Rules.....

Please do not call the storage

facilites. If you have questions,

call Bidders Choice Auction.

For security, we don't disclose the actual

storage unit number.

You must be 21 years old to bid. You must

show your ID when you come to pay for

the units in person.

A refundable $100.00 cash cleaning deposit

for each unit will be charged and held by

the manager until the unit is completely

cleaned out.


All units must be completely cleaned out

within 48 hours. If the unit is not cleaned out

in the 48 hour time limit, you will lose your

$100.00 cleaning deposit.


All personal items must be left in a box inside

of the unit. Personal items include photos, ID's,

checkbooks, credit cards, license, tax papers,

mail, and urns or boxes of ashes.


All storage units sold " AS IS " - " WHERE IS "

You are bidding on these storage units at your

own risk. It is up to you to determine their value.


If you find any fire arms or illegal items in the unit,

it is your responsibility to notify the local



Any non- paying bidder will be banned from all

storage auctions conducted by Bidders Choice

Auction. We will also notify all other auctions

of your non- payer status.


Bidding is done by email. Our email address is

Send (1) your full name, (2) your phone number,

(3) the unit number, (4) the amount you

want to bid, and (5) name of storage company.


With your bid, you agree to be bound by the

rules listed on this web site. You also agree to

hold harmless Bidders Choice Auction and the

storage company.


Tenants do have the right to pay for their

units and stop the auction process.


For photos of the units go to the


page starting Feb. 8th.


For all Storage Auctions, go to our

Calendar page



We have years of experience, having conducted

more than 8,000 auctions and sales. Consultations

are always free, give us a call at (360) 521-0932

ask for Gary or Dixie



We auction

Foreclosed Storage Units !!!


Please use the Calendar button for

all our upcoming auctions


If you would like to be notified of all upcoming

storage auctions you can e-mail us at

and ask to be added to our e-mail list.