Online Storage Auctions

Please read the Online Storage Auction rules below.

Online Storage Auction

Due to security, we do not give the actual unit number that is being auctioned. When the auction is over and you pay for the unit you will be given the actual unit number.

Please do not call the storage company. Call

Bidders Choice Auction if you have questions.

Online Storage Auction Rules

You must be at least 21 years or older to bid.

You must provide photo ID when you come to pay.

These units must be completely cleaned out within 48 hours. Please bring locks with you to lock your unit.

Any winning bidder will be required to leave a $100.00 cash cleaning deposit on these units. The deposit is refundable as long as the unit is completely cleaned out within the 48 hour time limit.

All sales are final. No refunds are allowed.

Washington state sales tax of 8.5% will be collected unless you have a current Washington State Resellers Permit. You must provide a copy of your permit to me for each unit to keep for my records.


None of the storage facilities will sell any motor vehicle. This includes cars, trucks, trailers, 5th wheels, motorcycles, etc. If you find one hidden in the unit you buy, it will not have any paperwork.

All personal items such as photos, tax records, checks, credit cards, birth certificates, mail, and ashes must be boxed and left in unit.

If buyer finds any illegal materials, firearms, or any other items considered illegal it is the buyers responsibilty to declare and notify the local authorities.

All units are sold "AS IS" -- "WHERE IS" with no warranty expressed or implied. Bidding on these units is done at your own risk. You agree to hold harmless Bidders Choice Auction and the storage company.

BIDS: You can bid on the whole unit by email. You must include: (1) Your full name, (2) your phone number , (3) the unit number, (4) the amount of your bid and (5) the storage facility. We can't accept any bid that does not have all of this information.

Send your bids to:

The winning bidder will be notified right after the auction ends by either phone or email. You must pay with cash, wear a mask, and only one person can come in to pay.

Any winning bidder that defaults on payment will be barred from any and all of our auctions. We will also notify other auction companies of your non-paying status.

The defaulted tenant has the legal right to cure the account thus canceling the auction. They can do this anytime up until the time that the winning bidders payment is collected. This is according to the state's lien laws.

ATTENTION: With your email bids, you agree to accept and be bound by the rules, terms, and conditions of this auction listed on the website for the online storage auctions.


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